bira bank…The bank you can trust

I’d like to introduce you to your own bank, bira bank. 

bira bank is the only trade association bank in the UK. We’re also the only specialist bank for you as an independent retailer which has been our purpose since 1955. Whether it’s lending or saving for you or your business, we pride ourselves on the personal level of service many other banks cannot provide despite being virtually the smallest bank in the UK!

We helped 761 members with their financial requirements in 2014, and we can help you too

We offer a simple, straightforward range of products all aimed at helping you and your business. All of which are exclusive to you as a bira member.

What’s more, our team are approachable, always offering a personal and friendly service and willing to go that extra mile making it easier for you to access the funds you need, when you need them. After all, there is nothing better than good old fashioned service.

John Collins

Managing Director, bira bank,Financial Director, bira